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Osteopath at Work

Elite Chiropractic Care

Following a thorough history, movement screening, and evaluation, we develop care plans with the goals, capabilities, and preferences of each individual in mind.

Our multimodal approach combines various myofascial release techniques (MRT), instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), cupping therapy, Flexion-Distraction, and joint manipulations (adjustments) to the spine and extremities.

Backed by a growing body of research and clinical application, these manual therapies aim to reduce pain and restore proper function in a safe and highly effective manner.

Customized Rehabilitation Plans

Our individualized exercise prescriptions are designed to gradually improve joint range of motion, positional stability, and muscular strength, even after pain or other symptoms have dissipated.

Dosed in accordance with each patient's desired activities, these plans aim to restore and maintain pain-free movement patterns while cultivating a robust sense of resiliency.

Gym Equipments
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